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Online Harassment Resources

Welcome to the HeartMob Resource page! Being harassed online is never ok, and HeartMob is here to support you in anyway we can. On this page you'll find links to our guides, information on supportive organizations, and other helpful resources.

Understanding Online Harassment

We are here to help you understand the scope of this problem, what to do to prevent it, and how to react.

Responding to Online Harassment

Here are some tips on how you can respond to the harassment you're facing.

Digital Safety Kit

Learn how to protect your identity and secure your devices and accounts.

Social Media Safety Guides

Find out how to keep yourself safe on various social media platforms and learn about their policies on abuse.

Bystander Intervention Online

Learn about the various intervention methods you can use when you witness harassment.

Read this guide in: Arabic, Burmese, French, Spanish, Indonesian

Self Care Guide

Remember to take care of yourself! Discover exercises you can do to balance your mental and emotional health.

Read this guide in: Arabic, Burmese, French, Spanish, Indonesian

Self Care for Bystanders

An important part of taking care of others is remembering to take care of yourself. We've got your back, too.

Read this guide in: Arabic, Burmese, French, Spanish, Indonesian

Know Your Rights

Understand your rights on the internet and what you can do legally.

Supportive Organizations

There are organizations that have more resources for individuals experiencing online harassment, from 1-on-1 support to practical advice.

Prepare Your Organization

Build preventative and reactive processes to support staff/volunteers who experience online harassment.

For Journalists

Hollaback! has partnered with International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) to bring new tools and resources for women journalists. Find out more about our partnership and the actions we're taking.

Online Violence Response Hub for Women Journalists  

Find the latest information on online abuse and how to get help in specific scenarios.

Please visit Access Now for 24/7 assistance on digital security.