Harassment: Little Sister Blames Me for Her Abuse, Won't Stop Texting/Posting About Me

Platform: facebook
Tactics: posting false information, doxxing, verbal harassment
Submitter: Daisy


My sister has been contacting my friends and me through text messages and Facebook messenger. She has been claiming I am an abuse apologist and a rape apologist, and has told my friends they are terrible people for associating with me. She has told them never to have children. As for what she says to me, it is very vulgar and upsetting. She is aware of my mental health status and seems to find pleasure in trying to make me feel as awful as possible. She has threatened to tell my former place of employment that I have been stealing medical supplies, and even though I no longer work at that particular animal hospital, she is still putting my career in jeopardy. I informed her I would take legal action against her if she continued to contact my friends or me, or if she spread rumors about me online using my full name. What brought me to this site today was her posting my picture on her Facebook page with my name and other information with the caption "an abuser apologist and rapist apologist." I already blocked her number a month ago, and blocked her on social media. If my photo had not been public she wouldn't have been able to share it, but I shouldn't have to live in fear. The thing is, her abuser was our step-dad, and he still financially supports me in some ways. I cannot afford to cut him out of my life just yet, and my sister didn't tell me about the abuse until just a couple years ago, anyway. The abuse took place about 8 years ago. As for the rape, that was done by out step-dad's son, who ALSO abused me sexually, and I have never in my life defended him. Recently, my mother was taken to the hospital. My sister contacted me before I had her blocked. She threatened that I would not be invited to our mother's funeral when the time came, and that almost broke me. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and my sister is well aware of these diagnoses.