Harassment: june harrasment

Platform: other
Tactics: revenge porn or non-consensual pornography
Submitter: jordyn


In September 2019 i sent a nude photo to a highschooler from another state. i trusted this kid. I thought he wouldn't do what he did. Me and this boy talked for about 3 months, then he got a girlfriend and forgot about me. In November 2019 I got a text from a kid at my school and it was all of the pictures i had sent the boy from the other school, he said "your nudes got out" I said "wtf where did you get those" he said "noe". I cried. Noe who was my boyfriend at the time had had these pictures and didnt say anything to me? wtf. i was confused and scared. Then I figured out noe had got the pictures from the kid in the other school. When i went to confront him about it all he said was "sorry i was drunk". For months this went on. I was being called a whore. My naked body was being put in groupchats all over snapchat, people told me to kill myself. I went on xanix and tried to overdose. It was too much for me. I couldnt take it anymore. Then in June 2020 i was put in a groupchat called "Jordyns nude" i had anxiety so bad because of that i was crying. my whole body was shacking i wanted nothing more than to kill my self right then and there. Then some guy from my school tried to get more nudes from me. When i went and told my boyfriend about it the guy went and called me a whore to him, then tried to tell me it was just a misunderstanding.


Link: there is no link because this was on snapchat and i cant get a link.