Harassment: Online abuse after rejecting someone

Platform: facebook
Motives: misogyny
Tactics: threats of violence
Submitter: Beth


After matching on Hinge and meeting for a few dates and sleeping together once i realised that we didn't really have a good connection and i didn't want to pursue anything further with him. At first he seemed to be understanding however it soon escalated into insulting me over Whatsapp so i blocked him. Before i could block him over text and Facebook i received hateful messages threatening violence. After blocking those platforms he then went on to create a fake account and send more messages. Im fearful as he knows where i live and i've tried to report him to Hinge but they haven't shown much support and have just said they will investigate it. I haven't replied to him however my step dad called him and told him not to contact me but im worried this could have just made things worse.


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