Harassment: POF/KIK Gaslighting and Revenge Porn Attempt

Platform: other
Motives: misogyny
Tactics: other, revenge porn or non-consensual pornography, posting false information, verbal harassment
Submitter: JD


I met a man on the dating app Plenty of Fish. His username was keno_n_whiskey. We started chatting and moved to text and then the Kik messaging app. His username on there was RickyTickyTaffy1982. After five days of chatting and exchanging pics (some nudes), he said he had to stop talking to me because I casually mentioned that I had more than one dating app installed on my phone and would most likely cheat on him like his exes. He explains that he left his last girlfriend after intentionally impregnating her because he thought she wasn’t affectionate enough and would cheat on him too. Two days later he texts me on my phone and Kik to say he misses me and that he’s suicidal. When I try talking to him more, he asks for the nudes to be resent. I tell him I deleted them. He then says never mind and blocks me. Gaslighting, manipulative behavior, and I believe attempt at revenge porn.


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