Harassment: Liars

Platform: other
Tactics: threats of violence, verbal harassment
Submitter: Shadow


There is a group of people who hurt me in the past. They lied to me, threatened to kill/harm me and one of them told me that he hacked my phone/computer. Two of them tried to ruin my chances of befriending people I really wanted to be friends with, and they were successful. At least two people tried to commit suicide because of them.  One of them almost succeeded, and I talked the other one out of it.  At least three of them are manipulative psychopaths who caused the others to threaten me and lie to me (and even to pretend to be someone else). One of them befriended people I know and made them think that I'm the bad guy, even though she lies to people and made her friends (who weren't involved in that until that point) call me names, write me private messages with threats (in very poor English, they're Spanish-speaking) and, in one instance, post threats addressed to me on Instagram. They are from different countries.


Link: none, private message