Harassment: Harassing Parent

Platform: gmail
Motives: classism
Tactics: verbal harassment
Submitter: Heddy Johannesen


I feel so uncomfortable opening my Gmail account. That's because my Mom is so mean to me. She refuses to understand the financial struggles I have, or any struggles. She rolls her eyes at me, she treats me like I am stupid, like I am a child, she makes everything her business. she insults me online. She breezily ignores my requests for her to stop. She persists in harassing me by insulting me and telling me to call her when I tell her I want nothing to do with her. She acts like nothing ever happened and proceeds to leave messages to call her when I say NO and I tell her to stop messaging me too. It drives me nuts. She has no understanding at all of cease and desist. She refuses to acknowledge when I say stop. Wow. She treats me like I can't think for myself. she refuses to ever apologize or admit she is ever wrong. It is always the other person. Other people in my family refuse to have anyting to do with her. The reason why I do is that I am impoverished. I banned her son from my home because he hit me. I am soon to do the same to her. Ban her from my home too.


Link: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?hl=en#inbox