Harassment: Ongoing harassment over years

Platform: gmail
Motives: other
Tactics: other
Submitter: Lian


My ex-boyfriend sent numerous hurtful emails to my account after we broke up. He realised I was blocking his email so he made up new Gmail accounts. I changed emails and he still found my new one. He found out where I was working (overseas in Myanmar) and had flowers sent to the office with hurtful messages. He occasionally visits Myanmar and when he does, he sends me an email to remind me that he still exists. I have never responded to any of his messages since I cut contact with him in 2013. He is careful now not to send anything abusive but the fact that he continues to send unwanted emails constitutes harassment. I contacted police in Australia and they informed they can't do anything as he lives outside the jurisdiction, so I've deleted my Facebook account and all social media presence is with a pseudonym.


Link: Unwanted emails
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