Harassment: Online Harassment Comeback

Platform: other
Motives: other
Tactics: verbal harassment, hate speech
Submitter: MISTY


I got into a major argument and this person starts running their mouth and talking to my girlfriend saying crap about me, when my girlfriend replied, she started calling her names and verbally abusing(?) her. Since I have my girlfriend’s account, I stepped in and started getting into an argument with the person. Then I talked about it on my instagram story, WEEKS LATER OF THE INCIDENT. The person ALMOST IMMEDIATELY strikes back after I posted their crap on my story, even though I didn’t expose their @/username or anything, they called me names , didn’t stop bothering me, and is constantly wanting a response. The person has said a lot of verbally harmful things and I believe I am being bullied and harassed by the person. Edit + extra information: Here are the things they have said EXACTLY, WORD FROM WORD- Their 2nd account: “shes one of those close-minded arrogant people that like attention on how they can bring people down” “she needs to control her temper, its fucking annoying” “You fucking dumbass, the amount of dead braincells that you just typed is so fucking unexplainable” Their most recent account: “i fucking thought you were logical, damn” “here you are playing the victim! oh my oh my!!! you were hurt????!!!” “guess you’re not as mature as you said” “you jump straight into conclusions, its embarrassing. once again, i thought you were more logical than that :( oh my god that’s so sad” “i only created this account to clear things up, since you know, you’ve blocked me in the other one like a coward and didn’t let finish our argument properly” “i wonder if this time you’re going to actually be logical and fair to let us finish our argument instead of blocking me like a dumbass” That’s all for now. I’ll edit if there’s more. Other information: this person accuses me of “acting” like the victim, they would also say I’m trying to threaten them, they try to make me seem less logical than I am, they get angry that I block them, and they are clearly looking for an argument or fight. I am actually VERY bothered by this.