Harassment: How my rapist gets away Scott free

Platform: other
Motives: other
Tactics: hate speech, posting false information, encouraging others to harass you via phone or offline methods, revenge porn or non-consensual pornography
Submitter: Mitch


I've been receiving harassment for years from my rapists friends group (because they go to school with me) and they've done nothing but shit in my name with lies, and now everyone thinks I raped their friend, when it was the other way around :/ They protect their friend because he had ADHD and they use it all the time to excuse him for everything, coddling him and letting him get away with things he knows is wrong And I think this takes the cake because now for some reason they got a hold of my nudes and sent them to an Instagram account that says, "(insert highschool name here) confessions" and I was on there. They said that I was a white fat bitch, and that I was supposedly the rapist. For years my rapist denys raping me so he can get away with it, and honestly I don't know who else would make false allegations about me so so specific like that, but I had enough... Now that they've shit on me at school, they're now transferring to online to bring me even more hate for something I didn't even do. But what their friend did.... After the false allegation, they sent the admin of account a nude picture of me, but the person didn't want to post the nude picture of me...but I don't feel comfortable with them keeping it and not knowing what they did with it.



Link: part two of evidence