Harassment: Harassment and stalking

Platform: gmail
Motives: misogyny
Tactics: other, impersonation, posting false information, threats of violence, doxxing, verbal harassment
Submitter: Quinn


I am a streamer on a website called Twitch. This person found my personal Facebook, and has been creating fake accounts using my pictures and name on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Steam, and Gmail, sending me death threats and messages. The websites in question for the most part are silent. (Except Instagram, thanks Instagram!) He even found picture from places I have worked, and is using them. He made fake accounts with my picture and name one Facebook, and implied that I had asked him to do so. All because I didn’t respond to an email. He examples below are a few of MANY. When I approached Law Enforcement, I was told that they would not open a file if I did not have a name or gender. I have a PayPal account, a steam account and twitch also requires payment information, but the police still refused to invest even open a file. I have had to stop streaming because of the frustration and anger. Not because of him, but because of how many people tell me it’s my fault for being online, not being secure enough, and that it’s not that bad. People just disappear! And the websites give me no control over who can follow me, and no protection from this sort of concentrat harassment. Such features are for dedicated “Partners”. It’s incredibly exhausting to stream for my audience, remaining happy and perky, when seeing a constant chain of death threats and insults flashing on my screen. But what can I do?


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