Harassment: Sexual Harassment and Threats

Platform: other
Motives: other, homophobia
Tactics: other, threats of violence, hate speech, verbal harassment
Submitter: Jade


( I am a 15 year old girl ). I recently started getting texts and calls from a private number. I texted back at first, simply asking the person to stop calling/texting. I then blocked the number. One day later, I have recieved 20 phone calls and over 10 inappropriate and threatening texts. This person keeps asking for sexual photos of me, and claims that if I don't send pictures soon, they will ruin my life. They say they know everything about me, and they definitely know my name, and both my Facebook and Instagram accounts. They have also threatened to rape me, made hateful comments about my sexuality, called me innapropriate names, and sent sexual pictures to me. They even made an instagram account called "Hi ( my name ) and tried to follow me. I have blocked this person's number more than 10 times, but they keep texting back with a new number and the threats are getting scarier. I've already changed my passwords on all my social media accounts, and blocked them as soo as I recieved a text, but I don't know what else I can do to stop this. I'm just so worried something horrible is going to happen, or that they might post secrets or rumours of me online and ruin my life. Should I go to the police?? Any response is greatly appreciated.


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