Harassment: Stalker/Hacker

Platform: facebook
Motives: misogyny
Tactics: doxxing
Submitter: Tabitha crabtree


The stalker has taken over my phone, my accounts, my phone number and ultimately, my life. Around April of last year, I started to feel like I was being watched. The feeling got worse as summer went on. In Sept, I moved across town. But even after I moved, I could still feel like I had a pair of eyes on me. By Dec I knew for a fact I had a stalker and I realized that a bunch of men that I had talked to over the previous 9 months were all the same person. I had met these guys all different ways online. Facebook, tinder and plenty of fish. Once I had that figured out, things have gotten 100% worse. 1st I started noticing things were being changed in my phone settings and accounts. It has now escalated to being locked out of all my accounts, emails and router. I have tried getting new phones, new routers and new accounts. I bought a computer to have more account security. Nothing I've done has slowed him/her down. The stalker has now somehow managed to clone my phone, maybe? Because he hijacked my phone number and somehow rerouted my calls and texts so I no longer receive them. This has destroyed my finances. I work from home, with clients who need to make appts with me by phone or email. I no longer have a way to contact them and for them to contact me. I made plans yesterday to hang out with a friend, today I wake up and my phone no longer worked on wifi either. I was connected to wifi but for some reason my phone was saying no internet connection. I have a brand new phone that I cant use. When the stalker allowed me to use it, I still knew someone was in my phone with me. For example, I would go to use my camera and the image would be sideways. I'll set up a new account and create a password for it. By the time I'm done making the account and go to sign in, my password has already been changed. Last week, I got frustrated with my phone, opened the camera and spoke directly to my stalker. I told him (I'm assuming) that he was a coward and a pussy. I told him that I'm smarter than him cuz he's this great hacker and I'm just a girl, who knows nothing about electronics, but yet I still figured out what was going on. I said, the only reason I figured it out is cuz he's sloppy and he's sloppy cuz he's lazy. I said, I figured it out cuz I'm smarter than him and I'm only smarter than him because I'm a girl and that I'd always be smarter than him cuz that's just the way it is. I also mentioned something perhaps about small penises and controlling men commonly being found together. I also told him that he picked the wrong girl, he should've done his homework on me before deciding to stalk me and that was going to be the biggest mistake he ever made. I told him he was stupid cuz even after he saw the kind of person I am and how I dont stop, I dont give up, he still decided to fuck with me. Well, he answered back with his own message. The next nite a man showed up to my house and what he told me rocked me to my core. I cried a little every day since then. This man told me he was my stalker and that he's been stalking me for a year. He told me he saw me walking outside last summer and became obsessed with me. He started monitoring me thru my phone. He also told me he's been watching me thru the camera on my phone for almost as long. He admitted to pretending to be more than 30 different men online just to consume my time talking to me. He told me that about a month ago, his obsession had gotten so bad, he was watching me even all thru the nite. When I heard that, it confirmed my worst fear. See, about a month ago, I became too afraid to sleep at nite. It was almost if I could feel a big pair of eyes burning thru my curtains and burning my body. It was that obvious to me that I had a pair of eyes on me, I couldn't close my eyes when it's dark. He also told me some other stuff that sounded too crazy to me at the time to even consider it a possibility. But the more I think about it, the more I think it could be true and if it is, I'm in bad trouble. Really really bad. Over the last year, there's been times I thought I was going crazy, there were times I thought I was crazy. Sometimes I think that this stalker is trying to drive me crazy. Sometimes i think he wants me to go so crazy I'll kill myself. Because the things that have been done to me would've drove some people to do just that. Also, I wanted to mention that I dont think the guy who showed up here, was actually my stalker. Hes mentally retarded and I cant see him pulling this off on his own. Not because I think he'd never be capable but because while I was getting vibes he was telling the truth but I did not pick up on vibes that he loved me in any way. I think he was telling the truth, but somebody elses truth. It just seemed like he was, at times, trying to remember what he was supposed to say. There were other times where he was either lying or getting mixed up. That's why I didnt believe the more outrageous parts of his story. I think he was sent so that I would just drop the search I was doing to figure out who it is. Maybe my stalker figured as long as I had confirmation that this was happening and that it wasnt all coincidences that could be explained away, that I would drop it. Maybe he figured by sending the slow guy that I would feel sorry for him and not pursue this furthur. But things havent gotten better since that guy confessed, they've gotten much worse. I'm not even sure what all can be done and how many laws have been broken, if any. I also have no way of knowing if the rest of his story is true or even how I would even go about trying to verify. I dont know anything about my stalker except he's very, very good. He even hacked into google and removed my apt building from google earth and satellite pics. He even removed my apt building from online land, property and tax records. For why, I'm not sure. I dont have a lot of evidence. I couldn't even definitively say until that guy showed up that I even had a stalker. He's never contacted me. He's never sent me a message from himself that I'm aware of. The only time I know I had direct contact with him was a couple nites ago. I had the camera open again talking to him and I was asking questions. If the answer was yes, the camera image would move up and down. If the answer was no, then the camera image wouldn't move. I know I sound crazy, I've even had people accuse me of that over the last few months but I've known in my gut that this was happening a long time ago. It has def escalated from noticing to observing to stalking to obsession to total obsession. I do believe the ultimate end goal is my suicide or my murder. I do have 1 piece of evidence though and in my opinion, it's a big one, not only for proving I have a stalker and for not only proving that he's good at writing code but hopefully for catching this monster too. Somehow, I'm assuming because our phones were linked either thru his back door program or because of the cloning, a glitch happened and it dumped part of his code into a word document on my phone. I know, weird, huh? But u can clearly see in the code where its giving the command to observe and obtain a whole bunch of info. It even has commands that show every last detail of my electronic devices, down to their individual serial numbers. Even the serial number and wifi network name of the brand new router I just bought and installed yesterday, after supposedly making my stuff secure. I'm done trying to fight him and his attacks on my own. I'll admit when I'm overwhelmed and I am very overwhelmed right now. Idk why he decided to pick on me but I meant it when I said I would make him regret it and i will but i cant do that alone. I need help. And idk where to go to get it


Link: screenshots of changes made to account settings
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