Harassment: Harrassment from my childrens potential stepfather

Platform: gmail
Tactics: hate speech, verbal harassment
Submitter: Erick


My ex wife and I have been divorced for a year. We have children together, and have an equal split custody arrangement where the kids go back and forth between homes weekly. The arrangement has been fine, the kids seem to have adjusted very well, and are content on both sides. However, my ex's boyfriend is extremely hostile, i believe because I am still a stable position in the picture. So he tries to instigate me on a regular basis. He even came to my house and assaulted me. I tried to lay a friendly foundation at first but his attitude was always combative towards me. He regularly emails me to criticize my parenting .. And im sure he wishes I wasnt in the childs lives. Please, help. I dont know what I can do to keep him from letting me be. He will not come to terms that our custody arrangement will always be so. And im afraid if he sticks around...... He will always try to instigate me into sadness.


Erick heartmob