Harassment: Extreme bullying, harassment and personal attack, defamation of character

Platform: other
Motives: racism
Tactics: encouraging others to harass you via phone or offline methods, threats of violence, hate speech, verbal harassment
Submitter: Tijuana Layne


The harassment has taken place over a period of 6 months. The individual is known to me, has impersonated me through my own email accounts, has placed online defamation, inflammatory character remarks. She tried to impersonate my company by creating accounts using my company name, Three Eagles Productions. She has shamed me for my physical attributes. Below is the following examples that was placed online by my Instagram account. I am concerned she will harass me other places online. I'm doing work that supports empowerment of women of colour. She has also threatened other women of colour who are working along with me on this particular project. Examples below: