Harassment: Harassed & hacked for 2-3 years

Platform: twitter
Motives: other, religious discrimination, classism, racism, misogyny
Tactics: other, revenge porn or non-consensual pornography, encouraging others to harass you via phone or offline methods, posting false information, threats of violence, doxxing, hate speech, verbal harassment
Submitter: Kailey


It all started on YouTube. This person makes videos on YouTube and I really enjoyed his content. I made a comment on one of his older videos, so my one comment on the video really stood out. On YouTube the creators get notifications on their YouTube accounts when someone posts a comment, which was the case here. I posted the comment back in Sept. 2015 and it was the only video I ever commented on. I had google plus and it was a requirement in order to post a comment on YouTube in 2015...on this google plus I had two photos of myself...not long after I posted the comment the person would include specific comments in his videos, which was peculiar to me but I didn't really think much of it...this person is highly intelligent, especially when it comes to video games and technology. After a while he would mention things in his videos in relation to me, be it what I recently watched on YouTube, my appearance, and videos I liked. It was subtle at first yet very obvious after a while. Its been hell for me ever since...I never really believed or thought he was referring to me, what does a popular youtuber want with one random fan? This person managed to hack into my cell phone somehow...he hacked into the WiFi and any device connected to the WiFi. His identity was anonymous for a long time but he revealed his appearance and is now more involved on YouTube, he also now has a twitter account. He began to make it more obvious and became very hateful and angry towards me...I think its because of my lack of interacting via comments...or if I didn't watch him for a while. I got very depressed and felt so alone when he made it very obvious in his videos that he hacked me. I quit going on YouTube because it made things a lot more worse, I thought that he'd just lose interest and get bored if I left him alone totally...that's far from the truth....he continued to follow and harass me on all the apps and social networking sites I used. He made numerous fake profiles...im literally scared for my safety....he talked about pornhub and made it known he was quiet active on there....this really upset me because of his access to the photos on my phone. He loves to hurt me and make me suffer emotionally....its all about intimidation and control...he still continues to do this and will always do this...its gotten to the point where I feel suicidal at times...im so depressed and emotionally overwhelmed, I self harm at times. I don't know what to do anymore. Im even too scared to do something about it