Harassment: "Adult/Family Cyber Bullying in KV"

Platform: facebook
Submitter: Robert and Fern Touchie


I (Robert) raised questions about the actions and behaviours of the President of our minor hockey association in the fall of 2017. In doing so, I angered him. My wife and I had previously had two situations with two other adult couples through our child's school - our son was 7 when it happened and is now 10 (he just turned ten in February). One adult was a teacher at his school who violated his privacy after he was beaten up on the first week of his attendance at a new school (we moved here three years ago) and told parents she knew that he had made this up and was not honest. We challenged that with the Principal and the Superintendent (as one would, as a parent) and she made up more diverting-type of stories that embarrassed my wife, who was new to her job in the same District as a VP at another local elementary school. This created tension with this person, and her husband, a fireman. When these two stories intertwined in the new year - the President of minor hockey had our child kicked out of the program and the teacher failed to get a VP job she applied for (and blamed my wife and I for not getting it)....the President took to Facebook and gathered a large group of people he knew and had been corralling for some time (since the fall, at least) to make comments on his posts, which have been defamatory, hurtful, hateful, untrue and damaging. Off of FB this President and his wife (who is the parent teacher rep for our kids school and a very busy person in social circles) took it upon themselves to call every association and activity and program that our kids could be or were members of to try and have them removed and/or blocked from membership. Then, he would then turn around and post that we were 'banned' from them, in his posts....among other things. This began on January 26th. The first post had my name with various other comments, including that I was a bully, a harasser, and an abuser. Over the course of some eight weeks this has remained the main point but he has evolved into digging into my past, eliciting commentary from people that is either completely untrue, fabricated or embellished to the point of simply being absurd - he claimed people had called him and his wife 'from europe, all over the USA and Canada' about me being an abuser and bully. His claims about the minor hockey experience - what allegedly started all this - were baseless.....I had zero interaction or problems with volunteers, coaches or parents....only him. That was the tact at first, now it has turned into a hate posting process where seemingly anyone will send him and his wife stories and they post them as truths. He had set up a 'Friday Bully Update' that he would promote, at times, with Wednesday posts that would indicate - in one instance - that 'don't miss the friday post, it is going to be a good one!' - and there was an accompanying video of some guy - supposedly humorous - being thrown violently into a garbage bin....with the caption of 'throwing out toxic people in 2018 from my life'. Today another was posted - of the Godfather "just when I thought I was out...they pulled me back in'....and he stated that his Friday post would start up again this friday, after they had taken a 'break ' for two weeks. Well, they had, but the teacher/fireman had picked up where he left off and were posting things in their absence...again, hurtful, hateful and not truthful. My wife and I are at wits end. We have a letter that one of these people sent to her employer, telling the employer that the illness she suffered as a result of the stress she endured from these posts, was her own fault and that they wished her nothing but the worst....and she deserved everything she got for 'ruining' his wife's career (the teacher who failed to get a VP job recently) and that they were going to ruin her and make her feel as bad as we apparently made her feel when we raised concerns to the district about the stories told in the community by said teacher. The superintendent was appalled, but since the letter came from the husband, the fireman, she could do nothing about it....and he has turned his fireman 'brothers' onto this also - they are making veiled threats "hey, give me the go ahead", twitter attacks under fake accounts on my wife's work Twitter account, making Right to Information Requests for my wife's email over a three year period...simply to annoy and disturb her, the hacking of her email account recently whereby (we assert it was them) one of the posts they had made was sent to her work account (it was her hotmail account) and another was sent to her boss that was embarrassing and would indicate a privacy violation against my wife (it was a doctors note one of her employees sent to her that she sent to the principal from her hotmail account because of time sensitivity, but which a teacher would know was a 'no no'....but the principal needed the note and asked fern to send it to her anyway. whoever hacked her account knew it could be a problem for her employment. The people/profiles doing this intend to do nothing more than to hurt, embarrass, shame and humiliate - ostracize my wife and I and our children from our entire community...to isolate us and 'ruin' us (their words in one conversation a couple years ago)....and to an extent, they have succeeded. Robert has not left the house but maybe 12-15 times over the span of 8 weeks. Our son and our two daughters were 'banned' from activities, a daycare program and programs....for no reason but these posts and the gossip that ensued. Fern was pregnant when this began and the baby was lost and she dealt with missing two weeks of work as a result of pulmonary embolisms that developed in both of her lungs.....the medicine required to deal with that affliction (attributed to stress....and clots forming in her legs then reaching her lungs) was the reason or cause of the baby being terminated. She is 43 and Robert is 47....there will be no other chances for babies in the future, that was the last chance. Sadly, these people - this guy, made comments in posts that stated that we made up the illnesses to garner sympathy to get out from under all we had done and what they were 'exposing' as 'truths' in their posts. His main objective and claim is to make people believe that Robert is mentally ill and a threat to society....by making up stories that he allegedly has perpetrated...which are not truthful...and this scares people. Robert does deal with anxiety but it has no bearing on any trouble in our lives or on anyone elses....or on anything these people are claiming, either, ironically and sadly. So shameful and so hurtful. We really could use your help. This person posted today that he will be posting another hateful and hurtful post this friday - March the 23rd. He starts/makes these posts at 6am, or thereabouts and they pick up steam early and carry through the day. Would your group be able to help us? Our family is really being affected by these people and their actions, in a huge was...and we will be forced to move from this community, unfortunately, but in the meantime, we want to be able to maintain our children's lives and happiness....and some modicum of health and happiness. Right now all we feel is fear and stress and complete confusion as to where to turn and how to get these people to stop. The police are without teeth, they tell us. The lawyers we spoke to said this action is indefensible....but that to get to the point where we are able to sue them successfully, it will cost us between $30-70k. We cannot afford that....and we need help. Is this a situation you might be able to help us with? We are hopeful that this is not a bother in asking for help but we go to bed at night in fear....and this is what these people like, and what they want. Anything you could do, would be so greatly appreciated.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/trevor.pierce.94
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