Harassment: Online Harassment, Profile opened with Escort Service, using My Facebook Messenger Account, Feb.27-28/2018

Platform: other
Motives: other
Tactics: other, revenge porn or non-consensual pornography, encouraging others to harass you via phone or offline methods, posting false information
Submitter: Lorilei Potvin


About a month & a half ago, I had some person pretending to be Hugh Jackman & Zac Efron, contact me on Twitter ( I did NOT initiate any contact whatsoever, they started following Me & messaging Me!) They started emailing Me, trying to get me to send them money, to enter a 'Special VIP contest for Fans' ( I'm not even a fan of Zac Efron, nor Garth Brooks, who also apparently started following Me on Twitter, ALL of [email protected] the exact same time, same day!) I reported this information numerous times to Twitter, including initiating a FRAUD report numerous times with Twitter. However, Twitter didn't think there was anything wrong whatsoever, even though I included screeenshots of these emails & I received from Twitter, a message that said: "This does not infringe on our Guidelines" & They did ZERO about this. Eventually, they shut down this person's accounts for Hugh Jackman & Garth Brooks but have still yet, to act on shutting down the Zac Efron account. I also will add that I knew that neither of these three accounts were the real people this person was impersonating, even though they completely copied, the true verified accounts of these people. However, I got an email, just before the Hugh Jackman account was shut down, from this person saying, in their broken English, that: "I know You reported this account as fraudulent." I didn't worry about this person, because the accounts were deleted. However, I started getting a lot of requests on FB, by men, who I didn't know but they seemed to know that My youngest son has been ill & were sending me messages, even though they weren't on my FB friends list. I blocked these unsolicited message accounts & also denied any FB friend requests I seemed to be getting from accounts I could tell immediately, were NOT real FB accounts. I also reported these to FB & every account I reported, FB messaged me back to let me know, that these accounts too, had been deactivated for not being true FB accounts. Then, about a week ago, I started getting messages on my primary email account, that 'You seem to be having trouble logging into your FB account' & offering to help me change my password. These were TRUE FB messages that I was able to verify & it became VERY quickly obvious, that someone was trying to log int/HACK my FB account but, wasn't successful with obtaining the password. Right after this, I got a message from some guy, being VERY explicit that He wanted 'to be my boyfriend & he was in NEED of a beautiful woman like myself' ( His words, not mine). He then asked me how my son was feeling & that's what got me worried because, unless You're on my FB friends list or My Twitter account Friend's list, You would not know that my son is ill because I have my Privacy settings set up this way. I asked him who he was & how He had found me. He refused to answer & kept reiterating that I had to be 'his girlfriend'. I told him I was married & that I was NOT interested but He refused to take 'no' as an answer so I blocked & deleted him immediately. Then, last evening, around 8pm, I started getting VERY strange messages, from ALL kinds of men, from all over the US ( I'm in Canada) & some from Middle Eastern Countries that were 'looking for a friend'/'Meet Me @ My Hotel & stay with Me, I'll pay for everything'/Etc.. I kept blocking & deleting the messages but very quickly realized, that 'something was NOT right'; to receive over 10 requests to connect with Myself, on FB messenger, from ALL men, who were NOT on my FB Friend's List, in less than a 6 hour time frame. My husband just told Me to keep blocking these Men BUT, My gut told Me, that in order to get 'this kind of attention' something is NOT right'. I even Googled Myself, in case someone had opened a profile or something to that effect, without my knowledge but everything seemed to be in order, from My search. However, this afternoon, after receiving 2 more messages from Men, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1 after another, within 10 minutes of each other, I messaged both of these men to ask where they had 'found my name or how to connect with me'. Very thankfully, the 1st Man, was very honest & upfront. He told Me he had found Me, through 'Backpage'. I told him I wasn't aware of what that was & he explained that: " A buddy of mine, told me about this website. I'm just looking for an escort stripper, for my brother's bachelor party' & came across Your profile." Once I explained to him that, I am NOT an Escort, NOR a Stripper But a Wife, Mother, Health Care Professional & @ that moment, was @ our local Cancer Clinic with my young son, who is extremely ill, He apologized profusely & said:" I'm married, I have a sister, I feel absolutely sick about this & lesson learned, someone else can find the entertainment for My brother's Bachelor Party. I feel just terrible about this & actually quite sick about all of this, Please accept my deepest apologies but I've got to tell You, Man, Someone sure doesn't like You, to do something this awful, like this, to You!" I did thank him for his honesty & for the help he gave me because he sent me the exact page & link to the supposed escort/stripper profile that has been opened, linking my FB messenger profile, to an Escort/Stripper service. I have called our local police force & their advice to myself,was to delete Facebook & never use Social Media again. Of course, this is NOT an option as I also have 2 small businesses that I run, from Social Media, to access my clients for my businesses globally, that are for Positive Motivation/Coaching & I make Pet Accessories/Jewelry/Clothing/Etc, that are hand-made, by Myself, that I sell online. I do have to say, although how absolutely happy I am, @ the vast amount of resources available to Youth & Parents of Youth being Cyber-bullied; I was absolutely beyond disheartened & devastated to see how next-to-zero resources are available, to Adults being Cyber-bullied! I will be contacting this website, right after I fill out this profile & request that my FB messenger link be removed from this site but I'm concerned that this individual who has been this relentless in trying to contact Me, has opened other profiles & even after doing various Searches online, it's like looking for a proverbial 'needle-in-a-haystack' to try & find out, just how many profiles or pages, He's done this to me with! Thank You most sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, for providing this kind of support & resources because without your site, I REALLY don't know what I would do!


Link: http://kalamazoo.postix.com/WomenSeekMen/ My FB Messenger link is on this page specifically: http://kalamazoo.postix.com/WomenSeekMen/269-832-9202/31982708
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