Harassment: Harassment and Business Slander

Platform: facebook
Motives: other
Tactics: other, posting false information, doxxing, verbal harassment
Submitter: Chloe Verrier


I have been receiving posts about my business that are false and not accurate. I have been harassed by the animal control with false allegations as to treatment and misconduct. I have also had 2 boarders kicked out due to issues around the farm and they are threatening my business. I have also been trying to sell a horse and they are spamming all sales threads saying she is not sound and has a nasty cut that is not being tended to. They are trying to ruin my business and drive away potential customers so they are more than threatening my livlihood.


Link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/819308451484542?view=permalink&id=1621387261276653
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