Harassment: Threats and slander on You Tube

Platform: youtube
Motives: religious discrimination
Tactics: encouraging others to harass you via phone or offline methods, posting false information, threats of violence, doxxing, hate speech, verbal harassment
Submitter: Brian


I have been making videos on You Tube for sometime now . I was doing just some research with some friends on hangouts and just talking . This guy Glen Butler just started to jump in . Invited by someone else . We have been snipped hacked threatened with him showing me how close he lives while stating I told him I was going to get bikers after him to which I never said ever . I have been falsely accused of being a paedophile armed robber . They are passing my address back and forth behind the scenes in the comments sections . Making harassing videos about other people mostly all woman . He has said he called Child protective services while admitting he is doing to get me ! And all kinds of other things he will not stop trying to slander my ministry . I do not hold to the same beliefs as others but am the last one to say to someone who is gay anything to stifle the free speech they have . Have your say everyone is what I say but keep it civil right ? And if you cannot do that do not resort to what this guy and many other girls are doing to a Father of five soon to be six kids who home School them . I am very sick but have time to try and build a ministry online and a place for my kids to see who I was when I am gone . I did not expect this to happen and tried to handle it my self . I soon found out after getting very angry and having them all use my words against me that this battle is unwinnable and my hard work over the years is almost destroyed by slander . We went and bought plans and domain names . And we do not have much as a disabled Father of five now going paralysed I fear this is it for me . And Heart Mob is my last hope . I have more evidence of people plotting my destruction but feel over whelmed adding it all here . Very traumatic thing to go through when sick . Well I hope and pray this makes it to the right people . God bless all . And remember we might not all believe the same thing but we can accept that we all do with out going to these lengths.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI6pP_eSeEM
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