Harassment: Harrassment from the Fiance of my Ex Husband

Platform: facebook
Submitter: KFrost2017


A person has come into my life who is becoming a very dear friend (Gary S.). He has been harassed by his ex girlfriend (Lucette D.) and her fiancé (Phil M.). The ex girlfriend had a restraining order put on my friend, and after the restraining order, she sent him her new phone number and texts him she thinks she wants to work it out, then claims to want to block him. She has sent a save the date for the upcoming marriage, photos, etc. Her fiancé is in on the threats and the harassment. I did not realize the Lucette was the ex girlfriend of Gary S. On 08/28/17, from a friend of Phil's, I was shown a video of Phil proposing to Lucette. On 09/11/17, I contacted her on Facebook and stated congratulations and all heartfelt well wishes for happiness in their new life together. (I want to let them know, I know about the engagement and you will receive no problems from me). On 09/12/17, I received an email at work from Phil with threats of a restraining order, contacting my supervisor and human resources if I ever contacted anyone from his family again. I found the email in Spam and on 09/20/17 I responded I meant no harm just to wish well wishes to them both. The threats were unnecessary and to actually blame two other people for attempting to make his business mine. I stated I would respect his request and not contact his fiancé again, which I had absolutely no intention to. On 12/09/17, I began receiving texts from my friend's ex girlfriend, Lucette after she saw a photo of Gary and I enjoying a group outing. On 12/11/17 I met up with Gary to view all of the texts since August sent from Lucette and Phil to him. *** I married Phil in June 2012. In Nov 2015, I found he was living a double life, seeing men in secret. Once I found out, the marriage became a even more horrible experience and almost lost my life over it. We separated in March 2016 and in Sept 2016 or divorce was final. Phil has done nothing but do everything he can to destroy my life, to the point of having people in my life continue the manipulation until I found this out in Aug 2017. Gary came into my life in October 2017 and once his ex saw a photo of him and I enjoying a group outing in December, the harassment began again. Gary and I will be filing a police complaint this week.


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