Harassment: Harassment by text

Platform: other
Motives: misogyny
Tactics: revenge porn or non-consensual pornography
Submitter: Angie


I have been receiving unwanted, sexually explicit photos from a family member. It has escalated and last weekend there were probably two dozen photos and at least one video (that I did not open). I'm having a hard time because he has been through an enormous amount of trauma in the last decade. It started with him expressing feelings of love toward me and then about a year ago I got the first photo. The incidents are few and far between, and most of the time he's horrified the next day, apologizes and begs me not to tell anyone in our family. I have tried to be supportive and non-judgemental. I have also offered to support him to get help, but this last incident did not stop despite many requests for him to do so. When he's in this state (I believe this happens when he's been drinking heavily), he can't understand why we can't be "together". I no longer feel safe and have blocked him from being able to contact me. I am having a hard time coping and am not sure what to do in terms of whether I should proceed with the support of authorities or family to address this. Or, do I just let it go and seek support to deal with my own feelings about this, such as through a therapist.