Harassment: Harassment for being an outspoken feminist

Platform: facebook
Motives: misogyny, other
Tactics: hate speech, doxxing, threats of violence, posting false information, encouraging others to harass you via phone or offline methods
Submitter: Rafaella Gunz


Last year, a Facebook group called "Anti-SJW" (Social Justice Warriors) began to infiltrate a feminism group I admin. When I caught on and began to ban them from my group, they began to harass me personally. I received tons of hateful messages, had YouTube videos made about me, got added to an "Anti-SJW" wiki page, posted about me on 8-Chan in attempts to doxx me... and they even contacted my mom and my school. Admittedly, I did decide to contact a couple of their employers about their deplorable behavior - especially as their place of work was listed on their pages (one guy was even a teacher). I went to the police, but they weren't very helpful. This was a very traumatic experience that I'm still having some PTSD from, though I've used my platform as a feminist writer to share my story. Yesterday, a casting director for a new MTV show like Catfish but about cyberbullying contacted me. At first, I was excited because I always had a revenge fantasy about exposing them on TV. But then, I realized that this could do more harm than good, as it might cause the harassment to start up again - and on a larger platform. It doesn't seem the producer had my best interest in mind, as he contacted my trolls without my consent and using my name. One of the trolls tried to reach out to me on Twitter because of this. So now I don't know what to do.


Link: https://sjwlist.com/Rafaella_Gunz

Link: http://www.ravishly.com/2016/12/28/i-was-cyber-bullied-how-it-felt