Harassment: Trump supporters and other bigots are out of control

Platform: youtube
Motives: misogyny, racism
Tactics: verbal harassment
Submitter: Melanie Adrianus


I've been trying to give random people on different sites some words of support regarding the American presidential election, as it has caused people serious emotional distress. I'm not even American, but I feel that marginalized groups in America could at least use some positivity. It's not much, but I want to do what I can. Every time I leave a positive reply with someone who states they're feeling unsafe or are experiencing emotional distress over the elections, a random conservative or regressive literally jumps at my comment. Always in a rude, belittling or downright harmful way. I have some serious backbone and I can usually manage to argue with these types if I choose to engage. It's not the ones with the short comments in all caps that get to me, it's the better worded arguments. They're really starting to wear me out, and the toxicity is really getting to me lately. I've even had to take a break from it, because I'm just so tired of watching my back for these jerks every time I do. I don't even engage in conversation with them all: in the worst cases, I just block, report and move on. I want to continue to give others a moment of positivity with all of the bigots on the warpath in the past few weeks. I want people who feel threatened to know that there's still others out there who will stand with them. I don't want to be silenced through fear either, as I suspect that's exactly what they're after when they target progressives. But my skin just isn't thick enough to deal with this shit lately. I haven't screenshotted other examples, since this kind of behavior usually doesn't get to me this much. In the screenshot, Nicky was the person who I replied to. They had my back and I'm very grateful for that.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLEtxRL3aTs&lc=z12vtphxuoj3gzlf022murdo4yvkwj1ru04
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