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Thwarting harassment for the common good! @theheartbot is a Twitter bot that logs private reports of online abuse, replies to harassers with a disincentive, and keeps everyone else out of it.

1You DM @theheartbot with a link to an abusive tweet.

2The HeartBot will DM you with a link to confirm you are a HeartMobber.

3The HeartBot replies to the harasser — it won’t mention you or the target!

4,215 users so far — join the HeartMob

198 abusive tweets reported

103 donation receipts sent to Twitter harassers

$103 donated to fund HeartMob



Need or want to give some public support in the face of a Twitter troll? Use and watch the #HeartMob hashtag to alert others that someone needs support.

#HeartMob community guidelines:

  1. Be educated – read our Twitter Safety Guide before you tweet, understand what constitutes harassment, and follow any official protocol.
  2. Start with support — our first and most important job is to reduce trauma for the target.
  3. Don’t harass the harasser — the HeartMob is about educating harassers on what’s okay. We fight fire with water.

Twitter safety options:

  1. Read our Twitter Safety Guide first.
  2. Block, mute, and report the harasser.
  3. If you want help documenting or reporting the harassment, create a report with us.