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“HeartMob... aims to be the place where those facing harassment can easily report abuse across social networks and find support from others who know what they're going through” — The Washington Post

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“Online harassment is a free speech and safety issue that impacts women and girls on a global scale. The disproportionate targeting of women and girls online results in them removing their voices from the public conversation, and even worse can take a toxic physical toll. HeartMob creates a safer space for women, trans people, queer people, and people of color who are disproportionately targeted by online abuse.”

Jamia Wilson, executive director of WAM!

“As someone who has experienced online harassment and seen online harassment's damaging effect on others, and who also believes that the power and importantance of online harassment must not be snuffed out, I am very glad that Hollaback is looking for concrete solutions in this area.”

Sandra Fluke, Social Justice Attorney

“Online harassment is a problem that threatens the diversity of voices, viewpoints and information on the Internet. HeartMob is tackling this problem by creating opportunities for people to share information and take action through an innovative digital platform. Through the prototyping process the Hollaback! team has worked to develop a tool that puts user needs first, creating the potential for tangible social impact.”

Chris Barr, Knight Foundation

“As a dude, I can't wait to use this and have all my guy friends use this to support people – we’ve been looking for ways to "get involved" and this is it!”

Chris Gandin Le